Is a cautionary tale

Okay, we are going to have a doctor’s appointment and then after that we can probably tell people so just hang in there, please.




In which Jaime required coffee in order to sit through the wedding vows. [x]

oh my god




From the beginning to the end, eh? Well, erm. Sure? Comic below the cut. I’m gonna warn you up front, though, this is not the comic that you’re looking for.

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Merlin, where’s the sorcerer?
He w…erm…he went that way.
Are you telling me you let him run straight past you?
He was - he was - he was too fast for me.
He’s a doddery old man. This is what happens when you spend all day in the tavern.


Sansa + Smiling


don’t ever let this die



How to subtly-not-so-subtly make destiel canon (forgive my shitty engrish):
The camera shows Sammy, in the bunker, wearing his robe and holding a coffe (or a glass of water, not sure yet), walking outside Dean’s bedroom. The door is conveniently open. Then, a view from inside the room, floor-level: you can see Dean’s boots, his jacket, Cas’s trenchcoat and shoes, their pants, etc. The scene is blured, but the clothes are scrambled and laying together nonetheless. The camera goes up, focus and zooms in Sam’s gleeful face, who says, after taking a sip of coffe (yeah it’s gonna be coffe at the end): “it was about time!”, then he continues his way to the kitchen with a big smile on his face, as nothing happened. But everything happened.




- from Adventure Time (“The Pit”)

this is meant for CHILDREN

The Macken House of Dance… - [x]